Adaptogenic and Immune-Boosting

Discover the unique seaweed flavor of our nutrient-rich organic Bladderwrack Powder! A brown algae wildcrafted from the cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic ocean in Canada, this olive-green, partly soluble powder is your go-to ingredient for everything from meals and sauces to smoothies and cosmetics, all in one versatile scoop. Certified organic and kosher, it's the perfect way to add a splash of oceanic flair to your creations.

Organic Mushroom Powders

Organic Mushroom Powders

Organic Mushroom Powders


Functional foods: RTE meals, packet meals, soups, sauces, sauce mixes, salad dressings, jerky, snacks, baked goods, granola, chocolates

Functional beverages: RTD smoothies, adaptogen and immunity beverages, coffees, teas, powdered drink mixes

Dietary supplements:Superfood, immunity and adaptogen powders, tablets and capsules

Cosmetics: Soaps, masks, scrubs

Pet care: Foods, food toppers, treats, supplements

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