Spotlight on Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately one-third of Americans are obese. In the last 20 years, this number has risen by almost 20 percent.

A busy stressful lifestyle with limited time for physical activity has been driving consumers…

Spotlight on Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks

According to a 2015 Mintel research study, ninety-four percent of Americans eat snacks on a daily basis. From 2010 to 2015, snack sales increased 17.4 percent to $145 billion. 2.3 billion in sales was for organic snack foods. This clearly demonstrates that the snack market is booming.

Spotlight on Signature Ingredients

Signature Ingredients

NP Nutra's flagship range of premium Signature Ingredients represent the very best in product innovation, quality and potency in today's nutraceutical industry. Sourced from the most pristine locations around the world, our Signature Ingredients are harvested and processed…

Spotlight on Liver Health

Spotlight on Liver Health Banner

While a balanced diet, good eating habits, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle all play a role in maintaining healthy liver function, more and more consumers are turning toward dietary supplements, functional ingredients and targeted ingredient blends to assist and…

Spotlight on Superfruits


All fruits have health-giving benefits, but "superfruits" are especially known for their high profile of nutrients and phytochemicals.

The word "super" is a label given to fruits that distinguishes them from others based on superior nutritional content. The status of being…