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Amla - Small Yet Potent Berries

Amla, also referred to as Indian gooseberry, is a small yet extraordinarily nutritious fruit. Indian and Tibetan healers have long recognized its potent anti-aging and immune- enhancing properties and consider this fruit sacred. A common ingredient in many Ayurvedic remedies for centuries, Amla is one of the richest known sources of natural vitamin C, far surpassing other vitamin C-rich botanical sources. But this is not all that Amla offers. Packed in these tiny light green orbs are nourishing compounds that offer remarkable benefits for almost every organ in the body including the hair, scalp and nails.

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General Information


Amla is a small to medium -sized deciduous tree that is native to India. This tropical tree can nowadays be found from Myanmar to Afghanistan where it grows from 8 to 18 meters high. It has a crooked trunk of reddish wood with gray bark, spreading branches and feathery leaves that have a pleasant lemony scent.

Amla trees bear greenish-yellow flowers that mature into small pale yellow fruits about an inch in diameter. These smooth fruits with six marked vertical stripes or furrows ripen in the autumn and are harvested by hand. Naturally sour and fibrous, the fruits are used either fresh or dried in traditional Indian medicine . Other parts of the tree including seeds, leaves, roots, bark and flowers also have their herbal applications and are used in numerous Ayurvedic preparations or remedies.

Nutrients and Benefits


Primarily known as an excellent source of Vitamin C which promotes a healthy immune system, Amla juice is said to have up to ten times more Vitamin C than orange juice [1]. This high vitamin C content combined with the presence of polyphenols and tannins give Amla its effective immune -boosting and free-radical scavenging properties [2]. The tannin content of Amla also helps keep the fruit's Vitamin C content intact even when the fruit is dried or processed.

Additionally, Amla has good levels of Vitamin A that helps promote eye health and stimulate collagen formation for firmer, younger looking skin. It also contains B complex, calcium, phosphorous and iron in significant amounts.

Amla supports normal function of many organs and promotes the production of red blood cells, improves circulation and oxygenation of cells and organs. Amla helps maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels as well as enhancing digestive function for better food absorption. It aids in maintaining a healthy liver, fortifying and helping to protect the organ from oxidative damage. Amla's chromium content is also valuable in blood sugar level control.

Product Specifications/Applications


Amla has been found to possess a calming and soothing effect, which may contribute to minimizing stress levels. It helps nourish the brain and support healthy mental function, promotes respiratory as well as reproductive health. Amla is a common ingredient in cosmetics and hair products due to its strengthening and moisturizing properties. It is used in hair tonics to help strengthen the hair roots, keeping hair healthy and lustrous. Its moisturizing properties make Amla perfect for various applications in the cosmetic industry including creams and cleansers.

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