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Maca at its Finest - Organic MacaXtra®

Here at NP Nutra®, we take our commitment to product quality seriously so it is with great pride that we announce the launch of our newest signature ingredient – MacaXtra® - a premium quality concentrated organic Maca root powder. By concentrating dried Maca from four parts to one, we are able to guarantee a minimum of 1% Glucosinolates.

MacaXtra's fine, free flowing formula is ready to encapsulate or press into tablets. It’s got a lightly sweet and malty flavor, making it a popular ingredient in powdered supplements and smoothie mixes. Maca is known as Peruvian Ginseng, not because it is related but because its properties are very similar. Maca’s stamina enhancement and energy boosting potential make MacaXtra® a natural fit for the sports functional food and drink markets. MacaXtra® makes an excellent superfood addition to protein powders, energy bars and drinks, tea and coffee blends, dark chocolate, baked goods, breakfast cereals and healthy snacks.

Maca is grown at high altitude in the central Andean plateau where it has been cultivated for over 2000 years. Perhaps because it thrives in such harsh, barren conditions, it is well known as a powerful adaptogen, helping the body adapt to environmental factors and avoid damage from those factors. Maca is famous for its outstanding stamina enhancing properties. The key to Maca’s stamina effects appears to be two groups of novel compounds called macamides and macaenes. It aids energy and endurance, helps to maintain a healthy immune system and re-mineralizes poorly nourished bodies.

Maca is also well-known as a natural hormone balancer used traditionally to enhance sexual function in both men and women, to increase fertility and to help alleviate menopause symptoms. Maca has also traditionally been used to help to support joint and respiratory health and to improve mood and support memory functions.

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