Organic Mangosteen SUPER ORAC Powder

For Immediate Release
Monday, July 12, 2010

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

Natural ingredients manufacturer NP Nutra® is adding a certified organic Mangosteen SUPER ORAC powder to its growing line of organic superfruit ingredients.

A superfruit is a fruit which combines exceptional nutrient richness with high antioxidant quality and Mangosteen certainly fits the bill by delivering an incredible range of antioxidant xanthones, most of which are concentrated in the pericarp. In fact, each of these chemically beneficial molecules has their own specific qualities, and no other known plant offers the same quantity and variety of xanthones as Mangosteen.

NP Nutra’s SUPER ORAC Mangosteen delivers a significant advantage over other Mangosteen products due to its unmatched ORAC content of 1500-1800 umole TE/g.

“We have seen the demand for organic products grow at an unprecedented level over the past year,” said Thomas Wolski, managing director of NP Nutra®. “Our Mangosteen SUPER ORAC powder is incredibly popular, so we’re really pleased to be able to offer a certified organic version of it.”

The organic Mangosteen fruits are harvested from pristine farms in central Thailand. The whole fruit is then used to produce a straight fruit powder with exceptionally high ORAC content.

From resisting the effects of aging to promoting healthy cholesterol levels, Mangosteen has been used to maintain health for hundreds of years. Now it has taken the modern health and functional food industry by storm as people clamor for the use of Mangosteen in functional beverages and nutritional supplements.

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