NP Nutra is now offering Vegetarian Soft Gel Products

For Immediate Release
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

NP Nutra® is now offering many of its oils and liquids in brand new, patent pending non-animal soft gel capsules. These vegetarian soft gel capsules are derived from seaweed, and are truly stable, durable and viable, unlike previous vegetarian soft gels. Our soft gel capsules have a film that is as durable and strong as animal gelatin.

Soft gel products represent a fast growing segment in the dietary supplement industry. By offering vegetarian soft gel products, NP Nutra® is now primed to meet the requirements of customers with vegetarian, cultural or religious needs.

There are many benefits to using vegetarian soft gels. They appeal to the vegetarian/vegan market, there is no beef or pork smell, there are no BSE (“Mad Cow”) issues, and they make export documentation easier. In addition, our vegetarian soft gels are non-carcinogenic and possess stable capsule strength and excellent sealing properties. For more information, please contact NP Nutra®.

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