Hot Ingredients for 2015

Currently, there are a number of hot ingredients that represent strong opportunities for growth in the natural product and food sectors, three of which are Turmeric, Pea Protein and Organic Hemp. (To read more click the pdf below)

Hot Ingredients for 2015.pdf

Market Trends EU 2015

This paper identifies the most popular European products and trends in the Botanical and Nutraceutical sectors. The market analysis, as detailed on this paper, provides valuable insight into identifying current trends for the most popular botanicals in Europe. (To read more click the pdf below).

Market Trends EU 2015.pdf

Market Trends Series – Part 1

This Whitepaper is the first in a unique series that identifies strong market trends in the Nutraceutical and Food sectors. Relevant market analysis will corroborate the trends and ideal ingredient solutions have been recommended that represent important business opportunities. All Trend Charts were recognized using Google Trends and are current. Google Trends shows how often a particular search…

Science behind Protein Superfoods

There is a treasure trove of clinical research that’s available on plant-based, protein superfoods. Understanding the science behind these superfoods can help brand developers in many ways. It helps them identify the best ingredients or combination of ingredients based on relevant and current science. The research can be indispensable in the marketing of plant-based, protein products to consumers…