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Mesquite (Prosopis pallida), known as kiawe in Hawaii and named ‘the tree of life’ by the Native American Pima Indians, is a member of the legume family and native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. The tree, which can grow as high as 50 feet, bears flowers which then form fruit, consisting of flat pods 2-6 inches long with beans inside. Some trees form large thorns also. Mesquite has a sweet molasses-like, smoky, nutty flavor and is often used as ‘mesquite smoke’ flavor in sauces and dishes, and because it is low on the glycemic index, it is now recognized as a nutritious sugar alternative.

Mesquite is an excellent source of tannins, soluble fiber, mucilaginous polysaccharide gums and inulin (a polysaccharide), and contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and amino acids, being especially rich in lysine.*

Wholesale Bulk Mesquite Powder

ProductSpecificationsExtraction/Drying MethodApplications
Mesquite Powder (organic)
Country of Origin: Peru
Part used: Pods
Appearance: Beige powder
Solubility: Partly soluble
Certifications: Organic, Kosher and Food grade
Produced in a BRC certified facility
Dehydrated Dietary supplements
Functional foods
Functional beverages

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