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Jabuticaba fruits (Myrciaria cauliflora)  are delicious grape-like fruits with a delicate, sweet flavor, a sub-acid tang and an exotic fragrance.

Several potent antioxidant compounds have been isolated from Jabuticaba fruit, including jaboticabin, a new depside unique to Jabuticaba.

Jabuticaba fruit is a good source of protein, is low in carbohydrates and calories, high in calcium, iron and phosphorus. It is very high in Vitamin C and also has some B vitamins.*

ProductSpecificationsExtraction/Drying MethodApplications
JabuVital® (Jabuticaba Juice Powder) Country of Origin: Brazil
Part used: Fruit pulp
Appearance: Fine pink to purple powder
Solubility: Mostly-soluble
Certifications: Kosher and Food grade
Produced in an FSSC 22000 certified facility
Spray-dried Dietary supplements
Functional foods
Functional beverages

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