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This sweet-tasting root, Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas),  is the main source of nutrition for Okinawans, a long-lived Japanese population. It is one of the richest vegetables in tocopherol (beta carotene), an antioxidant that helps maintain healthy skin and improves wound healing. Being rich in Vitamin A, it is also good for maintaining eye health.

Sweet potato is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids which collaborate to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Because of its benefits to the circulatory system, this food improves cognition and helps improve memory.

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and other nutrients including Vitamin C, potassium and manganese, B vitamins, and Vitamin E.*

ProductSpecificationsExtraction/Drying MethodHealth FunctionApplications
Sweet Potato Powder (organic)
Country of Origin: Hungary
Part used: Root
Appearance: Orange powder
Solubility: Partly-soluble
Certifications: Organic, Kosher and Food grade.
Produced in a BRC certified facility.
Air-dried Antioxidant
Eye health
Skin support
Cardiovascular support
Cognitive support
Functional foods
Functional beverages
Dietary supplements
Pet foods

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