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Lime (Citrus latifolia)  is a citrus fruit which is grown all year round. Limes are a rich source of Vitamin C, sour and are often used to accent the flavors of functional foods and beverages.

Lime has higher content of sugars and acids than lemon does. Lime juice contains slightly less citric acid than lemon juice, nearly twice the citric acid of grapefruit juice, and about five times the amount of citric acid found in orange juice.

Lime is low in calories and high in water content. In addition to Vitamin C, it also contains Vitamins B5 and B6, calcium, phosphorous and iron.

Health benefits of Lime may include improving digestion and heart health, reducing inflammation, boosting immune health, helping with weight management and rejuvenating skin.*

ProductSpecificationsExtraction/Drying MethodHealth FunctionApplications
Lime Juice Powder (organic)
Country of Origin: USA
Part used: Lime juice
Appearance: White to off-white powder
Solubility: Soluble
Certifications: Organic, Kosher and Food grade
Produced in an SQF certified facility
Freeze-dried Immune system support
Digestive support
Heart health support
Weight management
Dietary supplements
Functional foods
Functional beverages
Health tonics

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