NP Nutra releases full line of Coconut Products

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

Natural ingredients manufacturer NP Nutra® has released a line of high quality Coconut products, including Coconut Water powder, Coconut Milk powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Fiber and Coconut Sugar.

Coconuts (Cocos nucifera) are among the most nutrient rich foods on the planet! They are a good source of iron, phosphorus, zinc, and other minerals and vitamins. Coconuts are also a good source of protein and fiber, while containing few naturally occurring sugars. It has been said that one could survive for a long time on coconuts alone!

While coconut products have been consumed for centuries in tropical countries, according to Andrew Carter, Quality Control manager of NP Nutra®, “We are seeing an extremely high number of new Coconut products in the Product Development stage, which suggests that 2011 will see a lot of new products with coconut ingredients in them.”

The saturated fats contained in Coconuts are medium chain fatty acids. According to recent scientific consensus, these medium chain fatty acids, unlike the long chain fatty acids found in most vegetable oils, are metabolized as soon as they are consumed instead of being converted into cholesterol or body fat. Not only that, about 50% of the fatty acids in Coconut are lauric acid. This lauric acid is converted by the body into monolaurin, which has been found to be a fantastic tool in the immune system's toolbox!

“NP Nutra® has been aware of the many benefits coconuts offer, but it wasn’t until recently that the North American and European marketplaces were ready to embrace coconut products beyond the early Coconut water drinks we have been seeing for a few years now,” said Marina Linsley, marketing director of NP Nutra®. “

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