NP Nutra receives 2011 Kosher Certification

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

NP Nutra® has received new Kosher certification from Earth Kosher for over 200 ingredients. NP Nutra’s wide range of Kosher certified products includes bestsellers like several Acai extracts, Acai Juice Powder, various Acerola extracts, Bamboo, Beet, Bilberry, Camu Camu, Cha de Bugre, Chlorella, Cocoa, Coconut, Cranberry, Goji, Guarana, Maca, Mangosteen, Maqui, Noni, Pomegranate, Spirulina, Yumberry and many other popular ingredients.

“Manufacturing Kosher certified ingredients is an important service we offer our customers.” says Marina Linsley, NP Nutra’s marketing director. “There’s a growing multibillion dollar marketplace for Kosher certified and we are committed to providing products that give our customers an edge in a highly competitive market place.” According to one market study, a Kosher certified product will consistently outsell a competing brand by 20% and according to a 2009 Mintel Research Organization study, Kosher exceeds claims like “Natural, Organic and Fair Trade” to be the leading claim on new products.

NP Nutra’s Kosher certificate is valid worldwide and is good through November of 2011. Recently added Kosher ingredients include Alfalfa powder (organic), Bacopa Monniera extract, Barley powder (organic), Blueberry extract, Boswelia Serrata extract, Chlorella powder (organic), Gymnema Sylvestre extract, Noni extract and Spirulina powder (organic). Additional products can be added to NP Nutra’s Kosher certificate throughout the year at any time.

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