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Supercharge Products with Baobab:
The Fruit of the Future

Looking for a powerful, unique, and ethically sourced ingredient to stand out in a crowded market?

In the African Savannah, there’s a reason Baobab is known as the Tree of Life. Wild-harvested by local cooperatives…

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A Sweet, Starchy Root

Rich in carbohydrates, sweet potatoes have a medium to high glycemic index. The carbohydrate content is comprised mostly of starches, especially rapidly digested starch. They also contain sugars (mostly sucrose, but also fructose, glucose…


Popular Adaptogen - Organic Maca Root Powder

Maca root has been consumed since ancient times by the people of Peru and is a popular adaptogen. With their stress protective effects on the body, adaptogens promote balance, rejuvenation and sustained energy. Enhance supplements, foods, beverages and pet…


A Nourishing Gift from the Tropics

Check out two of our most popular coconut powders!

MCT Oil Powder 70% (organic)

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) have risen in popularity as consumers learn about their health benefits and…


Gluten-free Pseudo Grains

Amaranth and Quinoa, staple foods in the diets of Peruvians, are becoming popular throughout the world due to Increasing consumer awareness of their health benefits, along with the rising interest in nutritious, clean-label and gluten-free foods. With the global amaranth…