New Line of Organic Green Grass Superfoods

For Immediate Release
Monday, December 13, 2010

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

Natural ingredients manufacturer NP Nutra® has released a superb new line of certified organic Green Grass Superfoods, including Wheatgrass Powder, Barley Grass Powder and Alfalfa Grass Powder, as well as new kids on the block, Oat Grass Powder, Buckwheat Grass Powder and Rye Grass Powder. Also available is a line of Green Grass Juice Powders.

Green cereal grasses are nutritious whole foods, best known for their cleansing, alkalising and antioxidant properties. They are made from young nutrient dense shoots of cereal grasses, which are harvested above the ground ensuring that none of the grain is present. Green grasses are an extremely rich source of chlorophyll; they also contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

While there’s no doubt that Green Grasses contain a wealth of nutrients, careful processing is needed to ensure the delicate phytochemical structure is not damaged. “Our Green Grasses are grown outdoors under sunlight in order to maximize their chlorophyll content,” says Andrew Carter, NP Nutra’s Quality Control manager. “We harvest when nutrients are at optimum levels and then dry our grasses at specially controlled temperatures to maintain their rich green color and nutrient profiles.”

While Barley Grass and Wheatgrass have been popular in whole foods circles for at least the last 30 years, Alfalfa Grass has a much longer medical history. Arabs used it to keep themselves and their magnificent horses strong and fleet of foot and Alfalfa has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and European medicinal practices for many purposes.

NP Nutra’s Green Grass Superfoods have fantastic application in the manufacture of nutritional supplements and powdered blends. They are also becoming very popular with the functional foods and drinks sector. “There’s a big push right now for people to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets,” said Marina Linsley, marketing director of NP Nutra®. Ms Linsley has noticed that product manufacturers are responding to pressure from consumers by fortifying foods and beverages to enhance the nutritional levels. “Our Green Grass Superfoods line was developed due to strong demand from our customers.” Says Ms Linsley. “More dietary wholefoods supplements are finding their way to the market because they are seen as an ideal way to shore up nutritional deficiencies in the modern diet.”

NP Nutra’s Green Grass Superfoods are cultivated and processed in strict accordance with USDA and International Organic standards. Besides NOP Certifications, the products are also JAS (Japan) and EEC (Europe) Organic certified, making them ideal for Asian and European manufacturers.

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