New Coconut Ingredient, CocoJiva

For Immediate Release
Monday, July 11, 2011

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing

Coconut based products are a rapidly growing market sector that is sparking customer and industry interest in all products containing coconut ingredients. Into this warm and flourishing environment, NP Nutra® has launched CocoJiva™, their newest Signature Ingredient.

CocoJiva™ is premium quality powdered coconut milk, derived from fresh coconut milk pressed from the white fleshy meat of mature coconuts. CocoJiva™ contains all the nutrient dense benefits of freshly harvested coconuts. Coconuts are one of the nutrient-richest foods on the planet. They are a good source of iron, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals and vitamins. Coconuts are also a good source of protein and fiber while containing few naturally occurring sugars.

What’s creating much of the buzz around Coconuts is the composition of their fatty acid profile. The saturated fats contained in the Coconut fruit are medium chain fatty acids. According to recent scientific consensus, these medium chain fatty acids, unlike the long chain fatty acids found in most vegetable oils, are metabolized as soon as they are consumed instead of being converted into cholesterol or body fat. Medium chain fatty acids are naturally found in breast milk, and are more readily used by the liver as a source of fuel to produce energy.

Due to the high nutrient content of Coconuts, Coconut products are increasingly finding their way into mainstream food and beverage products. CocoJiva™ has special application for gluten-free baked goods and products. CocoJiva™ is a fantastic alternative to dairy milk in products aiming at the vegan and lactose intolerant market.

CocoJiva’s convenient powdered format makes it the perfect choice for applications where liquid content needs to be tightly controlled. CocoJiva’s™ creamy consistency, light color and rich, slightly nutty flavor makes it a highly desirable addition bringing a real taste of the tropics to smoothie mixes, sweets, cereals, soups, curries, flavor packets, sauces, soup mixes, etc.

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