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Ingredients of the Month

In these challenging, unsettled times, consumers have become even more aware of the importance of healthy, nutrient-rich products. At NP Nutra® we are committed to helping you develop innovative products to meet your customers’ needs, and you can trust that the reliability and integrity of our supply chain is backed by our Triple-T Verification® program.

This month’s featured ingredients contain a wide array of nutrients and are from a range of categories including Nutra Organics, Superfruits, Supergreens, Botanical Extracts, Vitamin C, Keto-Friendly and Signature Ingredients.


Rich in anthocyanins, calcium and dietary fiber - Add to power gels


Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats - Add to workout products


Rich in vitamin A and C, folate and potassium - Add to multi-vitamin chews


Rich in vitamin A, calcium and potassium - Add to gluten-free pastas


Rich in iron, vitamin C and K - Add to vitamin synergy formulas


Rich in dietary nitrates and betacyanins - Add to sports nutrition products


Rich in alkaloids, calcium and potassium - Add to beverage mixes


Rich in sulfur compounds - Add to crisps, soups, tablets/capsules


Rich in phenolic compounds, curcumin and iron - Add to uplifting beverages

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