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Looking for the World’s most Delicious Real Blueberry Ingredient? You’ve found it in BlueberrySante™!

BlueberrySante™ Polyphenol Synergy
BlueberrySante™ is made of the finest South American Blueberries, freeze-dried to preserve their remarkably high phytonutrient profile. Blueberries are a popular component of many supplement formulas, especially those targeting healthy brain function, urinary tract health and antioxidant blends. A study by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging found that the combination of polyphenols present in Blueberries appear to have a synergistic effect which provides increased protection from age-related declines in mobility and cognition relative to the individual constituent compounds. BlueberrySante’s™ freeze drying process preserves the synergistic phytonutrient profile of the entire fruit and is suited to tablets and capsules. Because of its pleasant taste, BlueberrySante™ has a special application for powdered formulas.

Functional Ingredient Applications
BlueberrySante™ is the convenient way to add the taste and nutrients of fresh Blueberries to your functional products, year round. Perfect for hot and cold cereals, bakery applications, fruit sauces, fillings, smoothies, ice cream and sorbet, BlueberrySante™ gives your foods and beverages real Blueberry flavor, aroma and nutrition. The powdered format is especially convient for formulations where liquid control is an issue.

BlueberrySante™ = Real Blueberries!
Blueberries are an incredibly popular ingredient in foods and drinks worldwide. This popularity has lead to the rise of artificial blueberry ingredients. But BlueberrySante™ is the real deal! Freshly harvested whole blueberries, freeze-dried and powdered, so wherever BlueberrySante™ is included, the “Made with Real Blueberries” Blueberry Real Seal can be displayed on your products, increasing your product’s commercial value. In fact, studies have shown that consumers will pay up to 30% more for products containing real Blueberries.

Blueberries’ exceptional nutrient content has led to their rise to superfruit status. Blueberries are low in calories and have a low glycemic load. Despite their naturally sweet flavor, Blueberries do not rapidly turn into sugar when eaten, making them appealing both for those wishing to manage blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy body weight.

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