Spotlight on Superfruits


All fruits have health-giving benefits, but "superfruits" are especially known for their high profile of nutrients and phytochemicals.

The word "super" is a label given to fruits that distinguishes them from others based on superior nutritional content. The status of being… Launch

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Would anyone care to guess the identity of our all time, most popular product? If you guessed a purple berry, rich in anthocyanins that grows on palm trees in flooded areas of the Amazon basin then you would be absolutely correct!

Acai berry sales continue to strengthen. We’re…

Jabuticaba – A Brazilian Beauty!

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Ok, it may not win a beauty competition, but Jabuticaba may well win the prize for being the most unearthly looking tree you will ever see! Its glossy, blackish fruits grow directly from the trunk of the tree in a “cauliflorous” fashion, giving…

Summer Fruits

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Luscious peaches, juicy mangoes, tangy passionfruit, fragrant strawberries — there's a lot to love about summer fruits. The markets are alive with the aroma of stone fruits and berries. The colors are strong, vibrant and fiery. Nothing conjures the long and lazy days of summer quite like sweet…


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Introducing XandraPure

Derived from the highest grade certified organic Schisandra berries, XandraPure is a premium grade 5:1 extract suitable for the production of nutritional supplements and functional foods and drinks with applications in oral hygiene…