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Maca at its Finest - Organic MacaXtra®

Here at NP Nutra®, we take our commitment to product quality seriously so it is with great pride that we announce the launch of our newest signature ingredient – MacaXtra® Launch

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Would anyone care to guess the identity of our all time, most popular product? If you guessed a purple berry, rich in anthocyanins that grows on palm trees in flooded areas of the Amazon basin then you would be absolutely correct!

Acai berry sales continue to strengthen.…


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CocOganic™ - Taking Coconut Water Nutrition to the Next Level
Coconut Water has achieved worldwide popularity in the better-for-you beverage segment with soaring sales figures and an abundance of celebrity endorsements. Certified Organic CocOganic™ gives you the competitive…

Engredea Tradeshow Wrap Up

NP Nutra<sup>®</sup> at Engredea 2012

Anaheim, CA March 9-11: Engredea 2012 smashed attendance records and saw exciting developments in the field of nutrition and the supplement industry. NP Nutra® launched our brand new signature ingredients: BettaBerries® Antioxidant Blend and Green…


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Looking for the latest in Omega-3 Product Innovation?
Introducing SachaOmega™, processed from organic, cold-pressed extra virgin Sacha Inchi Oil. This oil contains the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids on the market, with 92% composition of Omega fatty acids…