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For decades man has striven to reduce his burden of work and improve his health, but not all of his inventions have worked well to the benefit of mankind. Advances in the field of agriculture is one of the latest of these experiments that did not turn out well.

GMO protagonists argue…


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Dragonfruit (pitaya) cactus fruit is known for its beauty, succulence, bulk and health benefits. Although it is widespread in tropical forests, the varieties most favored for commercial use are often farmed. Left on its own, it spreads like a vine across the ground and up into trees.…

Natural Beauty Ingredients

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Did you know the natural body care and cosmetic galaxy generated $1.9 billion and grew 17% over the past year? Also on the rise were antioxidant and anti-aging marketing claims ~ it seems that more customers are turning to nature for the fountain of youth. Are…

Vegan in Vegas

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With long hours, tight schedules and unfamiliar territory, finding healthy food at trade show locations can be a big ask, especially if you happen to be a herbivore! But with a little local knowledge, delicious, plant based foods are there for the eating, even in glitzy Las Vegas.

What’s Wrong With GMOs?

GMOs have become hot topic over the past decade, igniting a firestorm of controversy between consumer advocates and agribusiness supporters. Dubbed GMOs for short, Genetically Modified Organisms have a dubious safety record that has led to serious concerns from eminent scientists and physicians.

Back in the 1970s, concerns were so high about possible genetic contamination from GMO-type…