Trade Show Survival Tips

NP Nutra at SupplySide West 2011

Planning to visit Engredea in March? Trade shows can be a fantastic experience with the chance to meet a huge variety of people and check out the latest innovation in natural products. Some of us here at NP Nutra® are trade show veterans who’ve clocked up…


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Introducing XandraPure

Derived from the highest grade certified organic Schisandra berries, XandraPure is a premium grade 5:1 extract suitable for the production of nutritional supplements and functional foods and drinks with applications in oral hygiene…


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Looking for the latest in Omega-3 Product Innovation?
Introducing SachaOmega™, processed from organic, cold-pressed extra virgin Sacha Inchi Oil. This oil contains the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids…

Trendspotting at SupplySide West

NP Nutra at SupplySide West 2011

Drama, Passion and Lawyers in Las Vegas! SupplySide West’s 15th Show had it all. Not only was it the largest to date with over 9,700 visitors and 1,340 booths, it also showcased our nation’s innovation and captured our industry’s passion at the dramatic Town Hall meeting…


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Potency, Vitality... MaquiForza™

MaquiForza™ contains high potency, certified organic, freeze-dried Maqui berry. With its exceptional ORAC levels, the Maqui berry is a traditional symbol of health and strength, having the highest anti-oxidant levels of any fruit.