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Acerola Juice Powder - High Vitamin C

Acerola fruit, also known as West Indian Cherry, is a sweet, tart and astringent berry rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant providing many health benefits. The vitamin C content is reduced as the berry ripens, and the berry starts to decompose within days of picking, so it is harvested early and freeze-dried or made into a powder format soon after.

The acerola extract global market was valued at US$8,675 million in 2017 and is expected to grow at 8.2% CAGR from 2018 to 2026. The powdered format dominates the market and that trend is expected to continue through the forecast period. Fueling the demand for powdered acerola is the growing demand for natural ingredients in dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages and cosmetics.1

Acerola Juice Powder


Known as a rich source of vitamin C, acerola berries also contain bioflavonoids (like kaempferol, quercetin and rutin), which are required for the absorption of vitamin C in the body. They are a good source of anthocyanins, which give the skin its red pigment, as well the carotenoids lutein and beta-carotene. The berry is low in fat and a moderate source of various vitamins and minerals.


Acerola Juice Powder 12% Vit. C (organic)Acerola Juice Powder 25% Vit. C

Botanical Source: Malpighia emarginata
Part Used: Fruit Juice
Country of Origin: Brazil
Assay: ≥ 12% Vitamin C
Drying Method: Spray dried
Solubility: Soluble
Certifications: Organic, Kosher, Food grade
Produced in: FSSC 22000 certified facility

Botanical Source: Malpighia glabra L.
Part Used: Fruit Juice
Country of Origin: Brazil
Assay: > 25% Vitamin C
Drying Method: Spray dried
Solubility: Mostly soluble
Certifications: Kosher and Food grade
Produced in:FSSC 22000 certified facility


  • Functional Foods& Beverages
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Cosmetics and Skincare

Our soluble organic Acerola Juice Powder 12% Vitamin C and our mostly soluble Acerola Juice Powder 25% Vitamin C are ideal in dietary supplements and, due to their smooth texture when mixed in liquid, they are suitable for ready-to-drink beverages, superfood powder formulations, multivitamin gummies, cosmetics and skincare.

Acerola Juice Powder

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1 Acerola Extract Market analysis (Report 2018-2026): Growing CAGR 8.2% (

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