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Would anyone care to guess the identity of our all time, most popular product? If you guessed a purple berry, rich in anthocyanins that grows on palm trees in flooded areas of the Amazon basin then you would be absolutely correct!

Acai berry sales continue to strengthen. We’re seeing purple power in everything from pet food to hand lotion! Not to mention shampoo, lip balm, juices, flavored yogurts, desserts, candy, premium chocolate, energy bars, smoothies, tablets and capsules.

With so much Acai buzz, we’ve launched a brand new website dedicated exclusively to our AcaiVida® flagship product. is a fully self-contained Acai berry Go-To site and replaces pages of brochures that we would normally send out by email or post. It’s cleaner, greener and much more convenient for you. Now you can browse relevant, authoritative information on Acai berry growing and harvesting methods, as well as scientific studies, quality control protocols, manufacturing procedures and sustainability initiatives. But it’s much more than a virtual brochure! You can also request samples and download product sheets directly from the site.

AcaiVida® is a new and improved Acai juice powder from the Acai fruit tree, the Amazon's "Tree of Life." AcaiVida® offers exceptional solubility and reduced oil content, giving it a fresh, sweet taste and extended shelf life. AcaiVida® is manufactured from wild harvested Acai berries grown mainly in the Para region of Brazil.