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NP Nutra® was founded in 1998 by two long-time friends, Thomas Walton and Axel Wippich. In its early years the business operated solely as a distributor for noni products: powder, juice and capsules. Initially run by the two friends, a small group of staff was gradually added to handle the administrative, warehousing and distribution areas. In the early 2000’s the company began broadening the range of products offered.

Over the years, NP Nutra® has earned an unrivaled reputation as a supplier of new and innovative ingredients, unique to the marketplace. We are committed to supplying only the finest quality nutraceuticals and botanical extracts produced at our manufacturing partner facilities in the USA, Brazil, Chile, China, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Thailand and throughout the world.

Since 2011, NP Nutra® has developed an exceptional range of ingredients and proprietary blends, in close collaboration with our manufacturing partners:

Representing the very best in product innovation, quality and potency, NP Nutra® specializes in exotic products from the far corners of the earth. Our R&D team work diligently, researching new plants for their potential benefits to consumers. This has placed NP Nutra® at the forefront of emerging new and trending ingredients such as Baobab and Turmeric.

At NP Nutra® we offer a unique selection of certified organic ingredients (Nutra Organics) with more than 65 ingredients and more to be added in the near future. Acai, Acerola, Amla, Cocoa, Guarana, Lucuma, Mangosteen, Noni, Pomegranate, Spirulina, Yacon and Yumberry are some of our best-sellers.

NP Nutra’s ongoing commitment to purity, quality and reliability have earned the trust of a growing clientele, including the world’s leading functional food and beverage, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pet food manufacturers, who have become our loyal customers through the years.



Thomas Walton
Founder and CEO
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 801

Mark Campbell
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 833

Eric Guggenheim
Director of Sales
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 831

Helga Villanueva
Quality Assurance and
Regulatory Compliance Director

Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 834

Margaret Gomes
Director of Marketing
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 5


Kalindi Perez
Director or Purchasing
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 808

Tess Stewart
Sourcing Manager
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 808

Neil Walker
Product Sourcing Assistant

Malika Stewart
Product Sourcing Assistant


Greg Amelino
Operations Manager
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 835

April Krohnert
Human Resources Manager
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 891

Marley Tumahai
Quality Assurance
Documentation Team Manager

Samantha Portello
Admin / Accounts Payable
Tel: 310-694-3031

Danny Hernandez
Warehouse Manager
Tel: 310-694-3031

Tony Hernandez
Receiving Manager
Tel: 310-694-3031

Gennie Riser
Logistics Supervisor
Tel: 310-694-3031 ext. 806


Andy Smith

Anna Matthews

Brandon Cone

Denise Guggenheim

Ethan Gabriel

Evette Shannon

Judith Champagne

Kris Fitzgerald

Lila Price

Michel Robichaud

Nanette Constantino

Sarah Dunlap

Trevor Hitch

Virginia Agawin


Narada Head

Samaan Buison

Shanil Rambharos
Asia and Australia

Peter Boebner
Europe, India and South Africa

Trisha Bazzocchi
Europe and Latin America

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